BJP misguided MCD workers to go on strike: AAP

New Delhi:AAP today accused BJP of “misguiding” MCD workers to go on strike so as to create an “antagonistic” view of the Arvind Kejriwal government.

The party said a “washout” is staring at BJP in the Delhi civic polls in 2017.

“The hoodwinking and deceiving of MCD employees by BJP-controlled three corporations in Delhi and the BJP leadership is to create an antagonistic view against the Kejriwal government of Delhi has been exposed.

“With MCDs today stating in the court that the salaries of the employees have been paid till December, it is now sufficiently clear that the MCD workers were prompted and misguided to go on strike on January 27 and it was done with the ulterior motive to disrupt the city,” the party said in a statement.

The party said MCDs have an obligation to ensure sanitation and public health in Delhi.

BJP-ruled MCDs “shunned their responsibility as a vindictive step towards the people of Delhi and the shunting of BJP from Delhi’s politics”. With a clear washout staring at BJP in the upcoming MCD polls in 2017, the “BJP’s dirty trick department misguided the MCD workers to go on strike and hence try and paralyse Delhi,” the party said.

The party said MCDs have failed to collect the property tax from DDA.

“For the current financial year, in case of North Delhi Municipal Corporation and East Delhi Municipal Corporation, the principal amount of outstanding loans and interest were also not recovered by Delhi govt keeping in view the situation.

“The financial crisis in the municipal corporations of Delhi are a situation created by the political leadership of MCDs and they are answerable to the people and the courts,” the party said.