BJP member Vaibhav outrageously ridicules female journalist on National TV

UP by-poll results have proved to be a major setback for BJP party and looking at the aftermath of by-poll results, opposition parties are looking at the possibilities of exploring alliance across states to defeat the saffron party in the upcoming general elections

With Congress announcing its tie-up with JDs, BJP party member Vaibhav Agarwal is surely impudent to say the principal opposition partyโ€™s alliance across other states would not count.

Well if that statement on National Television was not just a blatant silliness the Party member outrageously commented on the Senior Journalist Swati Chaturvediโ€™s clothes in an ongoing debate on NDTV.

Vaibhav started with his opening statement thanking the female journalist for wearing orange colour which is definitely ridiculous to talk about when the subject was a political debate.

Such is the misogynist mindset of BJP party mistreating women as an object when the country has women population of close to 50%.

Guess the ardent RSS follower, BJP still lives in those ancient times where women were only treated as an object rather than a living human being.

This was not this one instance where BJP party members impudently made controversial remarks in public.

Here is how netizens reacted to the Misogynist mindset of BJP workers.

Another Twitter user took it hilariously to the very next level by bringing all the impudent, blatant controversial remarks in one place and presenting it in a satirical tweet.