BJP loot in the name of fuel, collected taxes in crores: Rahul

New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused the BJP government of “loot” in the name of “fuel” by collecting Rs ten lakh crore in taxes on petrol, LPG and diesel and not passing on the benefit of falling international crude price to the common people.

“The BJP government collected 10,00,000 crore in taxes on petrol/LPG/diesel since 2014. Yet, no relief in prices for our citizens,” he said in a tweet.

Gandhi shared a one minute forty two seconds long video on Twitter, saying “this video shows the truth about fuel prices under PM Modi”.

The video shows that “despite international crude oil prices dropping up to 67 per cent in four years of Modi government, petrol, diesel prices are skyrocketing”.

The Congress chief said that increasing prices of fuel were a symbol of the failure of the central government.

“The government that promised ‘Achhe Din’ is silent. Let’s rewind BJP’s stand on petrol-diesel prices. Increasing petrol prices are symbol of failure of central government. People are angry and it will have negative impact on other sectors.”

In the video, Rahul alleged that more than Rs 50,000 crore in taxes was collected every year but the government was not reducing the petrol prices.

“After coming to power, the Modi government has looted common people of Rs 10,00,000 crore by taxing gas, diesel and petrol. Since 2014, Modi government increased central tax on petrol by Rs 8.78 litre, diesel by Rs 10.37 litre.”

Gandhi’s video says that the people friendly Congress government in Karnataka has reduced state tax on petrol by Rs 3.11 litre, diesel by Rs 1.03 litre in the last five years.

“At least 18.11 crore LPG customers suffering under the greedy Modi government. Subsidized LPG cylinder Rs 491.35 in Delhi, Rs 427 in Bengaluru (due to reduced taxes in Karnataka). Non-subsidized LPG cylinder Rs 635.5 in Delhi, Rs 622.5 in Bengaluru (due to reduced taxes in Karnataka),” shows the video.

It further shows “BJP is cruel, they loot in the name of fuel”.

The Congress chief added that he would lead a protest against these prices in Kolar on Monday noon.