BJP likely to use Islam-basher Tarek Fatah for hate-mongering during UP elections

Hyderabad: One can not reject the possibilities of using ill-informed bigot, 66-year-old self-proclaimed intellectual Tarek Fatah, for carrying forward the communal agenda of right wing forces during Uttar Pradesh elections. Tarek Fatah shot to fame using the same methodology that catapulted many other Islamophobes like Salman Rushdie and Tasleema Nasreen to international fame overnight. His original name is Tariq Fatah. Fatah’s strident anti-Pakistan rants, and his lazy clubbing of Islamists and leftists, made him a darling of the Hindu right and Indian media.

Forces trying to spread communal hatred for getting power in Uttar Pradesh are likely to use Islam-basher Tarek Fatah as their tool. Fatah is projected as a true voice of Muslims by the Hindu communal-fascist forces. It is being tried to make believe that the Islam followed by the Muslim youth is not the Islam by ordained by ‘Maula’ (God) but commanded by ‘Mulla’ (preacher). Thus difference of opinion is being created among Muslim youth with a plan to divide them.

In such scenario, Muslim youth should be vigilant. They should not fall prey to the nefarious tactics of hate mongers.

Pakistan born Tarek Fatah is the RSS’ new poster boy, who was allegedly kicked out of Pakistan for his vitriol and attempts to poison the society there. Since then, he’s made hating Muslims around the world his life’s sole objective. With his continuous hate-mongering coupled with utterly nonsensical statements about Islam, there were many takers for him in the RSS fold, who were more than happy to project him as its new poster boy to counter the ‘jihadi’ anti-nationals in India. This self-proclaimed intellectual represents anti-Muslim ideologies in his debates and discussions.

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