BJP legislator gets warning for attacking Bengali-speaking Muslims

Guwahati:The Assam unit of the BJP has warned party legislator Shiladitya Dev against making comments on Bengali-speaking Muslims of Assam and said that no member of the party should comment on anything that is against the ideology of the party.

Assam BJP president Ranjit Dass said this on Friday while reacting to media reports highlighting some of the statements made by Dev, particularly against Bengali-speaking Muslims.

“The statements made by Dev are his personal view and not those of the party. The statements of Dev have no connection with the ideology of the party,” said Das, adding that the party cannot support the views of Dev, particularly at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is putting in his best efforts to end poverty, communalism, racism from the country.

“BJP’s national policy does not support communalism. The Prime Minister believes in ‘Saabka sath Saabka Vikas’ policy,” he sad while urging Dev to restrain from making such comments which are against the party.

Dev was very vocal against Bengali-speaking Muslims, particularly those living in char areas of Assam, which he said “have become breeding grounds of terrorism”.

He had also said that the Assam government had been wasting money in the name of development of char areas and that the government must stop spending money on developing the char areas.

Dev also said that the Rohingyas were entering southern Assam’s Barak Valley from Tripura. He alleged that the Left Front government in Tripura was pushing them into Assam to gain political mileage.