BJP leaders more talented, better performing than Congress’: Sahasrabuddhe

Navi Mumbai : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) vice-president Vinay Sahasrabuddhe on Thursday clarified his ‘smaller talent pool’ statement, saying that all the party leaders are more talented than the Congress Party and he had spoken about BJP’s “limited exposure” and not talent compared to the grand old party.

“Yesterday, in an interview with an international news agency, I had put forward a particular subject which had nothing to do with the talent pool of the BJP. If you look upon, you will find that all our leaders whether it’s the Finance Minister, Defence Minister or any other, all are much more talented and are performing better than that of Congress,” Sahasrabuddhe told ANI.

“I was just saying that as, we (BJP) have been in power at the Centre for lesser time as compared to the Congress, therefore the number of BJP leaders having that level of exposure is less as compared to Congress,” he added.

Sahasrabuddhe was at the centre of a controversy yesterday after he reportedly said the party has a “smaller talent pool” compared to the Congress.

“Compared to the Congress, we have a smaller talent pool and less exposure, but it’s only a matter of time that we expand our base,” he was quoted as having said by an international news agency.

The report quoted him as having made these remarks in the context of a speculated overhaul of his cabinet being planned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “weed out under-performers and improve his government’s image” but that “he can’t find the right replacements”. (ANI)