BJP leader’s son revealed how they attack Akhlaq and his son

Uttar Pradesh: Vishal Rana, the son of BJP leader who was detained in connection with Mohamad Akhlaq’s murder, revealed that he had made the announcement of calling people to gather outside the Akhlaq’s home.

At first it was believed that the temple priest alone had made the announcement. But in his interrogation, Rana bring to light the facts that he also announcement of cow slaughter after he felt that the priest was not convincing enough, as per DNA reported.

“It has emerged that the accused had made the announcement on the night of 28 September. He was accompanied by two other men when he did so, excluding the priest,” said Gautam Budh Nagar senior superintendent of police (SSP) Kiran S.

Vishal Rana and his cousin Shivam were detained from a neighbouring village by the Uttar Pradesh police on Saturday taking the number of arrest to 8.

DNA has also learnt harrowing details which came to light during the questioning of the arrested men.

According to an investigator, the accused men had thrown a sewing machine on Akhlaq’s younger son Danish, who was also attacked by the mob and is now at a Noida hospital and is on the road of recovery.

“The accused have claimed that they saw meat and body parts of a cow in a polythene bag, which they believed was thrown onto the street by Akhlaq. After making an announcement, they banged on the door and when Akhlaq’s family did not respond, they broke it down. They confronted Akhlaq and asked him to confess that he had slaughtered a calf but when he didn’t, some in the group took him to the first floor of the house and made him open the fridge,” said an officer privy to the investigation.

The officer continued, “When they found the meat they started beating Akhlaq. His son came to rescue him, but was beaten up too. While Akhlaq was dragged outside, one of the accused picked up a sewing machine that was lying in the room and hit Danish on the head with it, multiple times”.

The sewing machines were bought by Akhlaq so that his wife and daughters used it to support the family by working from home.