At BJP leader’s behest, police forcibly snatched 51 cows from Muslim family

ALWAR: The gaushala (cow shelter) where the Alwar police kept 51 cows of a Muslim family reportedly belongs to a local BJP leader Shrikishan Gupta.

The local police at the behest of BJP leader forcibly “snatched away” as many as 51 cows and handed them over to a Shri Krishna Gaushala in Bambora Ghati.

On October 3, in a Whatsapp group post, Gupta labelled Khan as a “cow smuggler” and thanked SHO Rathore for rescuing the cows, reported Times of India.

Gupta, the president of the Shri Krishna Gaushala, however refuted the charge and said, “Police brought all these cows to my gaushala. I will wait for the official order from local police or SDM to release these,” he said. “Khan will have to pay Rs 200 per day per cow towards fodder and maintenance since October 3,” he told TOI.

45-year-old Subba Khan, a dairy farmer belongs to the Meo community and is in business of milk production for years.

The incident came to light just six months after a 55-year-old dairy farmer, Pehlu Khan, belonging to the Meo community was lynched by a mob of self-styled cow vigilantes or ‘Gau Rakshaks’ over suspicion of carrying beef.

The incident happened a day after a group of self-appointed cow vigilantes thrashed brutally a disabled driver and other four men in Haryana’s Faridabad on a suspicion of carrying a cow meat.