BJP leader forced to apologise after his comments on cow slaughter

Bengaluru: The BJP, on Monday, made its spokesperson Vaman Acharya to seek a public apology and withdraw his statement for his recent views on the Centre’s ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter.


Acharya courted controversy during a panel discussion on a TV channel. The discussion went against the ideology of the BJP. He said he did not subscribe to the religious sentimentality attached to cows.


Acharya said that people from all communities, including the Brahmin community, consumed beef. He added that before India became an agrarian nation, beef had been a staple diet. Even today, several people, including indigenous tribes in the North Eastern States consumed beef as a staple food.


He also said that as a chairman of the Karnataka Pollution Control Board. He had given permission for the setting up of six slaughterhouses in the state.


But on Monday, Acharya retracted his statement by saying. “As a BJP spokesperson, I am retracting my statement. I remain a loyal worker of the party. My views are independent of the party stand. My remarks during the panel discussion were scientific in nature. But I want to clarify that I completely subscribe to the party’s stand on the matter.”