BJP leader, 5 others detained for anti-Muslim slogans at Jantar Mantar

New Delhi: Six people including Ashwini Upadhyay have been detained in connection with the alleged sloganeering near Jantar Mantar, the Delhi police informed on Tuesday.

According to the police, Ashwani Upadhyay, Vinod Sharma, Deepak Singh, Vinit Kranti, Preet Singh and Deepak have been detained.

Earlier in the day, police had summoned and questioned all the accused in the matter and said that the matter is being handled as per law and any communal disharmony will not be tolerated.

On August 9, a First Information Report had been booked against an unknown group of people in connection with the alleged “raising inciting slogans” at Jantar Mantar.

Ashwini Upadhyay had called on a march “Colonial Laws and Make Uniform Laws” on Sunday where the alleged “objectionable slogans” were raised.

The DCP of Delhi, Deepak Yadav had told, “People who had gathered at Jantar Mantar had no permission. It has come to our due notice that some people raised inciting and objectionable slogans as well. We have also received a video and have registered FIR in the case.”

“We are carrying out further investigation into the matter. Necessary action will be taken at the earliest.” added the DCP.

Delhi Police senior official earlier told ANI that they are trying to ascertain the authenticity of the video. “After verifying the video strict legal action will be taken against those individuals who have done such act,” said the official.

Ashwini Upadhyay, later issued a video on Monday on his Twitter account stating that the purported video on the basis of which an FIR has been lodged has been made to defame him.

“I have filed a complaint regarding the viral video to the Delhi police and has asked them to investigate the matter. If the video is real, the people seen in the video must be arrested,” Upadhyay said in the video.

He said, “#UniteIndiaMovement was launched to repeal Colonial Laws and Make Uniform Laws Programme, it was over at 12:15 pm. The purported video was tweeted in the evening by some miscreants to malign and defame this noble cause”.

“Whether the video is real or fake, it will be known after investigation but one thing is certain that it has been made to defame me,” Upadhyay said in his tweet on Monday.

Further probe in the matter is underway.