BJP only knows to instigate riots: Ajit Singh

Meerut: Rashtriya Lok Dal chief Ajit Singh today hit out at BJP over the alleged migration of Hindus from Kairana town in Shamli district, alleging that the party only wants to instigate riots and it does not have any policy of development.”They (BJP) never want Hindus and Muslims to unite, that is why they practice the politics of making them fight against each other,” Singh alleged while addressing an RLD gathering here.

Holding the ruling BJP responsible for the migration of Hindus in Kairana, he claimed the statistics provided by BJP MP Hukum Singh is “false” and that Muslims have also migrated from the village.

“The names which the statistics mentions, four of them have died 20 years ago and some others have left the village due to work purposes. Muslims have also left the village but BJP is not talking about that,” he claimed.

“Riots have never brought good to anyone, hence the region needs to be riot-free, so that it can develop. If we come to power, we will provide 27 per cent reservation to backward classes and if needed, work will also be done to increase the 27 per cent reservation quota,” he said.

Attacking the Centre, Singh alleged, since two years the achche din have not come for the people but for Modi they have arrived. PTI