BJP indulging in politics of hatred: Rahul

Barabanki:Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today charged the BJP with indulging in the politics of hatred and pitting one person against another.

“Wherever BJP goes, it spreads hatred and pits one person against another. I want to give this message to the BJP and the RSS that we will spread harmony among people as much hatred you spread,” he said, addressing a rally in the favour of party nominee Tanuj Punia in Zaidpur assembly constituency.

Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said he (Modi) likes to make speeches but not to work. “It is only the Congress and SP governments which work.”

“He had promised to provide jobs to 2 lakh youths but that has not happened,” he said, adding that on November 8 he got an idea and in his ‘mann ki baat’ on TV at 8 PM he told farmers and labourers that “today I make your hard earned money, in the form of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, in your pockets a “trash”.

“He said that he is fighting a war against black money and made everyone stand in queues before the banks where no suited booted person was present,” he said.

The black money of the country is in the form of real estate, land, gold and in Swiss banks of the rich, while he was busy in getting the money of the farmers and labourers deposited in the banks,” he said.

Now, Modi government is promoting cashless society which is beyond the understanding of poor, farmers and labourers and is thus proving to be unsuccessful, he claimed, adding if he can do anything in the remaining time he can waive loans of poor farmers.