BJP hopeful of forming govt with PDP in J&K shortly

Jammu: A day after general secretary Ram Madhav held one on one talks with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti, the BJP today expressed optimism that the government formation in Jammu and Kashmir will take place “shortly”.

“Absolutely we feel that the government formation (in Jammu and Kashmir) will take place in the shortest possible time and the government will be formed that will take steps for creating good atmosphere,” State BJP president Sat Sharma said.

On Yesterday’s meeting between Madhav and Mehbooba Mufti, he said the meeting was a positive step towards the formation of the government.

“Definitely, I feel that this is a positive step towards the formation of the government (in Jammu and Kashmir),” he said.

“Yesterday Ram Madhav met Mehbooba Mufti and they held discussions, which is a positive step towards the formation of the government and the formation would take place,” he said.

On the reported demands of fresh Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) by the PDP leadership, the BJP state president said that the government formation would be as per the “Agenda of Alliance.”

“As far as the CBMs are concerned the Agenda of Alliance is there and all discussions will go as per them,” he said.

“I could not hold detailed talks with Ram Madhav but definitely, the Agenda of Alliance would be taken into consideration and as per it (government formation would take place),” he said.

“I feel (in) Jammu and Kashmir peace would be restored and good development atmosphere will be created that is why BJP wants a good government (in the state),” he said.