BJP to hold praja ballot to obstruct hike in Muslim quota

Hyderabad: Rankled by the government’s decision to increase Muslim quota, the BJP has decided to hold praja ballot on the issue of providing 12 per cent reservations to Muslims by the state government, in rural areas on Sunday.

Hoping that the response would be against the proposal of the government, the party has instructed its rank and file to make necessary arrangements to conduct the ballot. However the party leaders are also haunted by the question, what if the result comes in favour of the proposal.

As reported by the Hans India, by holding the ballot, the party actually wants to utilise this issue and test the popularity of the government across the state and focus more in the constituencies where the TRS is strong.

The local BJP leaders would first brainwash the people telling them how the Muslim reservations would impact them and how the Chief Minister went back on promise like making a Dalit as chief minister and distribution of three acres of land to them.

BJLP leader G Kishan Reddy informed that the BJP MLAs would protest in Assembly against convening the special session of Assembly to pass the bill to increase the reservations for Muslims.