BJP hits back at Rahul Gandhi, accuses him of ‘photo-op’ politics

New Delhi: Slamming Rahul Gandhi for his barbs at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP on Friday said Congress government was responsible for policy paralysis while its government has freed the country of its “prison” and ushered in social security and curbed corruption and black money.

Seeking to turn the tables on the Congress vice president over his charge that Modi practises TRP politics and suffers from arrogance and incompetence, BJP said these are in reality his attributes as he did “photo-op” politics and had even rejected his government’s decision, a sign of his arrogance.

“Rahul Gandhi himself suffers from arrogance and incompetence. Had he been not incapable, the UPA government would not have suffered from policy paralysis, committed scams worth Rs 12 lakh crore and brought India a bad name. He is the biggest symbol of non-serious and negative politics in the country,” its National Secretary Shrikant Sharma said in a statement.

He said Gandhi was bitter due to successive defeats his party has suffered in polls and was busy targeting Modi and his government with his disinformation campaign born out of his “politics of hate”.

Taking a dig, Sharma said Gandhi is out on bail in a case of Rs 5000 crore corruption, a reference to National Herald case.

Under Modi, the country is progressing fast and progress of villages, the poor and farmers is his only goal, he said.

Congress has “betrayed” people by “siding” with those with black money and fake currency, he said, a reference to the party’s protests following demonetisation.

Chairing the meeting of Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) for the first time, Gandhi launched an all-out attack on Modi, accusing him of practising TRP politics and making the country suffer due to his “vanity and incompetence”.