BJP has pledged to deport infiltrators from India

BJP has pledged to deport infiltrators from India

Jaipur: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Amit Shah on Tuesday said that the party has pledged to deport all infiltrators from the country, keeping the national security in mind.

Addressing party workers at a meeting during his visit to Jaipur, the BJP chief cornered the Congress over the issue of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and said, “They (Congress) speak of human rights. Don’t the poor of India have human rights? Crores of intruders have entered our country. Isn’t there a concern about the security of the country? We are working to remove all the intruders from the country. Hundreds of terrorists infiltrate into the country and plan bomb blasts. Many such incidents happened in your (Congress) regime.”

“You oppose it as much you want to but this is a pledge of the BJP that we won’t let one Bangladeshi infiltrator stay in the country. We will identify them and deport them,” Shah added.

Questioning the atmosphere in 2013, Shah recalled that youth were agitating on the streets, women felt unsafe and the dignity of the nation was going down. “There were scams one after the other, people were wondering which direction is the nation heading to,” he added.

Asserting that the BJP has faith in the democracy, Shah said, “These elections are not the only way of turning a constitutional turnaround. But a process to give an account of the work done by select governments. The BJP has deep faith in democracy. We believe that elections are not just the means of constitutional shuffle but there is also a medium of giving details of the elected government’s work.”

Coming down heavily on Congress president Rahul Gandhi for criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his welfare schemes like banking facility, sanitation, and electricity facilities to every home, the BJP Chief said, “Rahul Gandhi did not see what the Narendra Modi government did. If their four generations had given the bank facility in every home, toilets or electricity facilities in every home, then all this would not be in our destiny.”

Shah, while addressing the gathering, also informed that after the formation of the BJP government, the number of Income-Tax (I-T) filings doubled in the country. “India is on the sixth largest economy in the world today. India is the world’s fastest growing economy. After the formation of the BJP government, the number of people filing income tax has doubled.”
Meanwhile, the BJP chief also appealed to party cadres to work hard for winning the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly elections and said that the state polls would be a “trailer” for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“The assembly elections are a trailer for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and you need to shed more sweat in the field to ensure a thumping victory,” he said at the Birla auditorium.
Shah further claimed that every time before elections, the Congress tries to create a state of confusion in the country by raising subjects such as lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri over alleged cow slaughter and award wapsi, a 2015 protest in which a group of writers returned their awards.

“During elections, issues like Akhlaq or award wapsi come up. But the fact is the BJP had won elections when the Akhlaq issue and award wapsi happened, similarly, the party will win this time too even if they (Congress) bring up some other issue,” he added.
Rajasthan is slated to go to polls at the end of this year.