BJP has dual standards on terrorism: Congress

New Delhi, Aug.1 : Congress leader Pramod Tiwari on Saturday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) always had dual standards when it comes to issue of terrorism and the divide within the party over capital punishment reveals that they don’t keep to their words.

“Whether it is Shatrughan Sinha or Varun Gandhi, they both are the members of the BJP. Whatever they are saying, it shows that the party doesn’t keep to its words. BJP has always had dual standards when it comes to the issue of terrorism,” said Pramod Tiwari.

He also added, “I don’t think that Varun Gandhi’s comment on capital punishment is right in the present scenario when, almost, all the people of all the religions, irrespective of caste and culture, had raised their voice to give death sentence to Yakub Memon. Today, all the people are saying that there should be a decisive action against terrorism and whatever decision the apex court takes, it should be seen that it reaches the destination within the limits of constitution.”

According to reports, BJP MP Varun Gandhi has earlier said that the capital punishment only legalises revenge and, therefore, ought to be done away with. He has argued that death penalty has historically enabled tyranny and that it’s utility of is proving to be anachronistic. (ANI)