‘BJP is harassing my government, slandering my name, credibility’ says TDP Chief Naidu

New Delhi: BJP party is trying to slander my name and damage my credibility ever since he started his fight for special category status for Andhra Pradesh said TDP supremo and AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday.

While addressing a press conference in Delhi, AP CM demanded Joint Parliamentary Committee set up to look into the issue.

“After the state was bifurcated, we needed hand-holding and that is why we joined the NDA. We went for campaigns together and assured people that justice would be done.

“Everyone thought the BJP combination would bring betterment. Despite my 29 visits to Delhi during the last four years, nothing has happened, except minor things. Major things are left to be done,” he said.

“People of Andhra Pradesh continue to feel betrayed. But why can’t the present government have a review? Appoint JPC and tell them to have a look into the issue,” CM demanded.

He also played video clips of PM Modi addressing public meetings in Nellore Amaravati and Tirupati promising AP people about granting them special status category.

He said, “During a meet in Tirupati, the PM had said that the capital city of Amravati will be better than Delhi. He even advised me to visit Kazakhstan’s capital Astana to get ideas. I do not know what happened after that.

“Now when we are raising our voice, you (BJP) are harassing my government. The central government is indulging in mud-slinging and it is painful. They want to damage my credibility which was built over a period of 40 years,” angry Naidu said.

Ever since TDP broke its alliance with NDA government, BJP president Amit Shah had accused TDP of making rash movements being driven by political considerations and not for the concern of Andhra Pradesh state, News Nation reported.

When asked whether he reached out to TN CM for his help in the cause, he replied, “I did not reach out to the Tamil Nadu government. But we are sharing Krishna River water with them and have an excellent relationship. So they should offer support to our cause.”

Accusing RBI of reversing Rs 350 crore funds allotted as special assistance for AP, Naidu said, “I am fighting the attitude of the central government. I am not talking as TDP president. Some people may adopt different strategies or have a different agenda. But I want support of all parties”.