BJP government determine to practice ‘farmer centric politics’ : Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow :Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday hit at the opposition, while saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Government at national and state level is determined to practice ‘farmer centric politics’, which was burdened by debts for last 14-15 years by the previous government.

“For last 14-15 years farmers were not the priority of state Government. They were burdened by debts. This would happen first time in Uttar Pradesh were we will practice farmer centric politics and even Prime Minister Modi has decided to make the farmers of the country self-sufficient and to double their annual income,” Yogi Adityanath said while issuing the certificates to farmers on loan waiving.

Adityanath said that from the time the Prime Minister Modi-led government has come to power at the Centre, the farmers are being provided with proper amount of seed and manure at low price.

He further informed that around 70 lakh people have been linked with the Adhaar card till now.

“We are not doing any favour on the farmers by waiving their loans, this is their right. The farmers expect a lot from us and are deprived. The former government rather then giving them manure and seed ill-treated them,” he said.

He further lashed out at the pposition for practising communal politics in the state for their personal gain and dividing the society on the basis of religion.

“The previous government of the state forgot to pay appropriate price to the farmers for their crops. Today both at the state level and the centre level the government is concerned to safeguard the right of the farmers,” he said.

“Nobody in past 65-66 year thought that even a farmer need to have a bank account. The leaders construct their mansions and Memorial, but we under Prime Minister Narendra modi Yojna is planning to give home to the farmers,” he said.

The Adityanth government, in their first annual budget, allocated Rs 36000 crore for farm loans waiver.