BJP to get two-thirds majority in Uttarakhand polls: Devendra Bhasin

Dehradun: BJP in Uttarakhand on Wednesday claimed that it would perform even better in the Assembly polls as compared to the projections in the opinion polls which showed that the party would get 40-44 seats out of the total 70 seats in the state.

“We will perform even better than the opinion poll projections. We will sweep to power with a two-thirds majority,” state BJP media in-charge Devendra Bhasin said in Dehradun.

Claiming there is a “wave” in favour of BJP, he said as campaigning gathers momentum this wave will transform into a storm which will oust the current Congress government from the power.

“People are desperately looking for change and they are with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s grand vision for Uttarakhand which is being incorporated into the party’s vision document for the state,” Bhasin claimed.

The party is releasing its vision document for Uttarakhand on February 4. Assembly polls in Uttarakhand will be held on February 15.