BJP has full confidence in “Hired Muslim Leaders” in UP elections

Hyderabad: BJP is all set to win UP Assembly elections. It is working hard more than SP and BJP whereas Congress has a desire to enhance its present seats in UP Assembly. BJP, SP and BSP have an eye on Muslim voters in UP elections. Ms. Mayawati is trying hard to assume power once again. She has made it clear that Muslims should not trust SP which has failed to stop the assassination of the Muslims in the communal riots of Muzaffarnagar and also punished the culprits. According to her, Akhilesh Yadav Govt. did not do anything to stop the communal agenda of BJP. In such a situation, Muslims have to vote in favour of BSP in large numbers. The advice given by Ms. Mayawati and the facts which she has presented before the Muslims are based on reality. In the context of present communal situation in UP and the campaign launched by communal parties in UP against the Muslims has highlighted the fact to the SP that if Muslims turn away from SP, it will lose power. In this context, Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav is planning to appease the Muslims for utilizing them for the UP elections. On the other hand, BJP has stressed upon the need to divide Muslim votes. The BJP leadership has clearly indicated that BJP leaders should refrain from spreading communal hatred. Selfish Muslim leaders should be purchased. Such statements should be released from these Muslims which would shatter Muslim votes and consolidate Hindu votes. If Muslims get united and cast their votes jointly, it would benefit either SP or BSP. At present, the Muslims seem to be inclined toward BSP.


BJP knows that in 2004 elections, it would get only 10 parliamentary seats out of 80 constituencies due to mass scale voting of the Muslims in favour of SP. In this election SP got 35 MP seats, BSP 19, Congress 09 and other parties 07 seats. In general elections of 2009, BJP could get only 10 MP seats since Muslim votes were not divided. BSP got 20 MP seats, Congress 21 and SP 23 whereas NLD got 5 seats.


After reviewing the situation of the last elections, BJP leadership has decided to get the services of the so-called self-styled Muslim leaders to divide Muslim votes as a result which the services of Muslim leaders of Delhi, Hyderabad and UP have been commissioned. According to BJP sources, it is very essential for the part to power in UP which would cost deep impressions on the politics of the country in the near future. BJP leader believes that the party has entered into a secret deal with some Muslim leaders and parties. Some of them would be successful in dividing Muslim votes.


It is the test of the matured political insight of the Muslim voters in the next UP elections. Time alone would tell whether they would pass this test or not.



–Siasat News