BJP files case against Shankaracharya’s supporters

Lucknow: Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopananda Saraswati who had announced that he would march to Ayodhya for the construction of Ram Temple had created worries for the Modi Govt.

The panic prevailed when BJP’s city secretary, Pramananda Mishra registered an attempt to murder case against Mahanth Janjaisharan Maharaj and his five associates.

Sources close to Shankaracharya told that by registering a serious case against Shankaracharya reveals that BJP and VHP want to disturb Shankaracharya’s program. They also opined that under a deep conspiracy, the complaint has been registered.

According to police sources, Mr. Pramananda in his petition stated that he was passing through Janki Ghat. At that time, Mahant and his companions shot a fire on him with an intention to kill. He also stated that Mahant has raided his house and threw his son into the well.

The mahant told on phone that police registered this case on the complaint of Parmananda which is false. He termed it as a conspiracy of BJP and VHP. He mentioned that after the announcement of his Ayodhya March, both BJP and VHP are getting panicky. He also informed that there is an old land dispute between Mishra and mahanth. BJP promoted Pramananda for this purpose