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BJP eyes on Telangana – Amit Shah meets 6 TRS MPs

BJP eyes on Telangana – Amit Shah meets 6 TRS MPs

Hyderabad: After the success in the last General Elections, BJP which had given the slogan of cleaning India with Congress, is now bent upon extending this slogan to TRS in Telangana State.

According to the details, the stand taken by Mr. KCR to approach the Supreme Court on GST issue may prove costly to the State.

Authentic sources indicated that President of BJP, Mr. Amit Shah contacted 6 former and present MPs. Mr. KCR who gives importance to public interests rather than pleasing the capitalists, is coming in the way of BJP. Although, TRS is not part of NDA, it supported the Center on various issues but now TRS has fallen in the list of BJP’s opponents. In the present situation, it is not possible for BJP to defeat TRS. It has formulated the policy of breaking the strength of TRS. It is more than a year from now for the General Elections but BJP has already started its political tactics.

The six MPs who met Amit Shah in Delhi have been assured BJP tickets in the next elections and they have been instructed to work on a secret mission. It is reported that the recent decision of Mr. KCR to approach the court and to press for Muslim reservation issue has become unfavourable steps for the BJP.

It may be mentioned that PM Modi is facing the charges of extending benefits to the capitalists through his foreign tours. In the same manner, BJP wants to wipe out its opponents with money and strength. In the political field, it is difficult for BJP to defeat TRS. The political strategies of Mr. KCR are a big obstacle for BJP. Now it is trying to involve TRS in controversial issues in order to weaken it.

The experts opine that political leaders raising their voices in support of secularism and public interest now find their places in the list of opponents of BJP. It is reported that TRS has also started efforts to foil such conspiracies.

—Siasat News