BJP explains why Former CM BS Yeddyurappa ate hotel food at Dalit’s house

Bengaluru: The allegations that last week on his visit to a Dalit’s house, their State Chief BS Yeddyurappa refused to eat the home cooked meal at Madhu Kumar, the house the BJP party visited, were denied by the Party saying they fell short of food hence they had to order it from outside.

The State Chief and his party members visited Madhu Kumar’s house for breakfast in Chitradurga District in Karnataka. He was alleged that he refused to eat the home cooked meal at the Madhu Kumar’s house and instead ordered idli’s from a hotel for his breakfast.

Suresh Kumar BJP worker said, “Yeddyurappa and party workers had gone to a Dalit house. There, food was cooked and served. As food ran out, some food was obtained from outside. We cannot say what items were prepared and who ate what, but the best proof is from the family itself which says they served Yeddyurappa the food they cooked and that it was a happy occasion”

The circulated video by the party workers shows former CM having food at Madhu Kumar’s house, and that Madhu Kumar as can be seen in the video said, “We were very happy to hear that the former chief minister was coming to our house. He came on Friday, May 19, at 8.30am. We served him breakfast that we had cooked at home. He ate the breakfast. But because more people had come we had to get food from outside too.”

A complaint has been filed against Yeddyurappa by D Venkatesh in Mandya District accusing him of Casteism. The party workers say it is an attempt by the opposition ruling party Congress to degrade BJP when the party is on tour of the State in order to know about the problems the state people have faced due to the droughts.

BJP is preparing for the elections next year and plans to win the state back from current ruling government Congress.

Yeddyurappa who is 74 now says, “The Congress cannot take my going to Dalits’ homes and eating with them and asking about their difficulties, trying to help them. So they are trying to give it a different color. I went again today to a Dalit colony. I went to a slum and spoke with them about their difficulties”.

CM Siddaramaiah reacting to the allegations said, “He has been in politics for 40 years. Didn’t he remember the Dalits before this? To go there, order hotel food and eat it? What affection is there for the Dalits”, as reported in NDTV.