BJP demands KCR to speak out on biggest-ever land scam, wants KK, Mahmood Ali arrested

Hyderabad: BJP Telangana State official spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao today warned Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of serious consequences if he failed to explain to the people of the State about the Miyapur land scam, the actors, the perpetrators, the supporters and names of all those who are responsible for the crime.
In a statement here on Saturday, the BJP spokesperson demanded that the Chief Minister open his mouth about the scam and its perpetrators as his silence was not the answer. He also said they would bring the massive corruption of the TRS Government to the notice of the Prime Minister and other enforcement and investigation agencies if the Chief Minister remained silent. “The BJP stands vindicated. TRS and Chief Minister KCR’s government stands naked and exposed. It’s now clear that KCR’s silence has a reason. He seems to have admitted that his party leaders and his ministers have complicity in the massive land scam still being exposed by the media on a daily basis”, he said.
The BJP leader also alleged that TRS secretary-general K. Keshav Rao and his family members bought 38 acres of forest and government land from Gold Stone Group directors for a pittance. “They worked around the registrars through convenient transfers and reinstatements to ensure that a stooge registrar registers their lands. BJP strongly believes this process certainly has serious involvement of Deputy CM and concerned department minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali. The Deputy CM is already facing allegations of a high-value benami land transfer too”, he added.
“Thousands of acres of land in Miyapur, Puppalaguda, Ibrahimpatam, Shamshabad, Dandu Mylaram, Ghansimiyaguda have been usurped by the land sharks like Gold Stone Prasad with open support of the top government heads. TRS leaders and ministers have been using Prasad as a conduit and occupying lands, and buying the same lands for pittance from his company. Using the government’s machinery in the Revenue department, these lands are being registered on their families, friends and benamis. This has been the modus operandi”, he said.
BJP clearly understands that the size of the scam is much bigger than anyone can imagine, as this modus operandi is being used not just around Hyderabad, but around all the major districts of Telangana. The target everywhere are the government lands & the instruments are corrupt revenue officials & the system of ‘anywhere registrations’. (NSS)