BJP demands Govt to take up mass fogging works in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Mr N Ramchander Rao BJP MLC and City President today demanded the state Government to initiate measures to give relief to citizens from mosquito menace. 

He demanded the state Government to take up mass fogging works in the city areas of Hyderabad on war footing basis.
He pointed out that as people were at homes due to the lockdown. Mosquito menace had made their lives miserable.

He alleged and asked the GHMC to take up fogging and spraying on war footing.He said the GHMC should immediately take up fogging and spray disinfectants besides sprinkle bleaching powder in the city so that there are no disease’s. 

He alleged that there were complaints that migrant labourers were not getting proper food and free distribution food materials. Irving the Government to ensure that the migrant labourers do not go hungry he also urged the state Government to follow  Union Government guidelines and transport these migrant labourers so that they reach home safely.