BJP demands apology from Digvijay for remarks defaming temples

Hyderabad: The Bharatiya Janta Party today strongly condemned the statements made by senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh against the Hindu temples.

Mr. Krishna Saagar Rao Chief Spokesperson BJP Telangana state demanded condemnation of this statement and unconditional apology by Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi to Hindus. He alleged that Digvijay Sing’s remarks are blasphemous and insulting Hindus. There has been a consistent pattern by many Congress leaders in insulting Hindus over the years.

Mr. Digvijay Sintg Senior Congress leader had  sparked yet another controversy by claiming that people wearing saffron robes were committing rapes inside temples and selling ‘churan’ Digvijaya Singh was speaking at the Sant Samagam organized by the Madhya Pradesh Adhyatmik Vibhag (Spiritual Department in Bhopal,

Mr. Krishna Sagaar Rao strongly condemned the statement and demanded to know what action will Congress initiate on DigVijaySingh?

Siasat News