BJP condemns Mulayam over ‘false campaign’ statement, calls it his ‘innate psyche’

New Delhi: Outrightly condemning Mulayam Singh Yadav’s meeting with rape accused and former Uttar Pradesh minister Gayatri Prajapati at the Lucknow District Jail and assertion of a ‘false campaign’ being carried out against him, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday said that it was unfortunate that a senior leader like the former was making such comments, while also adding that it was the innate psyche of the Samajwadi Party chief to stir hornet’s nest one way or the other.

“Mulayam Singh Yadav supporting Prajapati is condemnable. But we shouldn’t forget this is the same Mulayam Singh Yadav who once said, ‘Boys make mistakes!’ He and the Samajwadi Party supporting criminals, corrupt officials and other anti-social elements is not new at all,” BJP leader Sudhanshu Trivedi said.

Another BJP leader S Prakash echoed the views and said, “It’s very unfortunate that a senior leader like Mulayam Singh Yadav is supporting Prajapati. Let the trial be over, let the judiciary decide if he is guilty or not. Mulayam should refrain from making such comments and stop supporting such anti-social elements.”

Ealier, after meeting Prajapati, Mulayam said, “A false campaign is being carried out against Gayatri Prajapati. He is being targeted as if he is a terrorist.”

Mulayam further said he would meet the Director General Of Police (DGP) and complain in this regard. The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister even questioned that about the possibility of a case of rape “when the woman did not even visit Prajapati’s house.”

Earlier in February, a police complaint was filed against the former minister and six others in the case following the apex court’s order. The Uttar Pradesh Police had also filed a non- bailable warrant against the former minister and six others for the same.

Giving no relief to co-accused in the Prajapati rape case, the Supreme Court earlier on May 4 asked Vikas Verma to surrender before the court within two days. Prajapati and the two accused were granted bail by the trial court earlier.

However, the Allahabad High Court dismissed their bail order, which was then challenged by the accused in the apex court. Prajapati was arrested on March 15 from the Aashiyana area in Lucknow by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF).

On May 12, the Lucknow bench upheld its earlier decision to not grant bail to Prajapati, and arrest warrants were issued against Prajapati’s aides Pintu Singh and Vikas Verma, in connection with the rape case.

The Samajwadi Party leader, who was also accused of allegedly raping the girl’s mother, evaded his arrest for nearly a month before he was arrested. On June 2, the Lucknow Police Special Investigation Team (SIT) filed a charge sheet in the court against former Prajapati in this matter.