BJP challenges KCR for open debate on promises

BJP Telangana unit president G. Kishan Reddy has challenged Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao for an open debate on his claim of fulfilling the election promises.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Kishan Reddy ridiculed KCR’s claim of having fulfilled 95% of the promises which he made during elections. He said not even 5% of the promises have been fulfilled by the TRS Government during the last 17 months. He challenged KCR for an open debate on the issue and said that the Chief Minister could hold the debate in Warangal where by-elections are being held for the Lok Sabha seat. He said that the BJP would expose the failures of TRS Government with complete proof.

Kishan Reddy said that a debate before the Warangal by-elections would help the voters in making a right choice while voting on November 21. He also condemned the arrest of farmers and attack on them for wearing trousers. He asked whether farmers were not entitled to wear trousers. He said when KCR can claim himself to be a farmer by planting trees at his farm house by wearing a shirt, pant and hat, then why common farmers could not wear trousers. He said there was no rule that farmers should wear only ‘dhoti’. (INN)