BJP castigates MLA Pannalal Shakya for ‘unpatriotic’ remark on Virat Kohli

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday castigated its Madhya Pradesh MLA Pannalal Shakya for questioning the patriotism of cricketer Virat Kohli for preferring Italy over India to get married.

BJP leader S Prakash said it is not Shakya’s business to question Kohil’s patriotism.

Averring that Shakya should mend his ways and not tarnish party’s image by making such unwarranted statements Prakash said, “The MLA who made this statement has no business to question the patriotism of Virat Kohli or Anushka Sharma, it is their choice to marry where ever they wanted to get married. The MLA who has made this statement has no right to tarnish the image of the BJP and I hope he mends his way.”

While inaugurating a ‘Skill India Centre’ in Guna Madhya Pradesh yesterday, Shakya, said: “Virat earned money in India but he didn’t find any place to marry in the country. Is Hindustan untouchable?. Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Vikramaditya, Yudhishthir got married on this land. You all must have got married here. None of us goes to a foreign country to get married, he (Virat Kohli) earned money here and spent billions there (Italy), he doesn’t have any respect for the country. This proves he is not a patriot.”

Virat and Anushka got married last week at a private ceremony in Tuscany, Italy.