BJP backs Mahesh Sharma’s remark against night out, says ‘wild binging’ should be avoided

Backing Tourism and Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma’s remark against night outs, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said that wild binging is unacceptable for both women and men as the Indian culture suggests people to be early risers.

What Mahesh Sharma is saying correctly is that there is a difference between modernisation and westernisation. This whole idea of night out for women is against the culture, but even for men it is against our culture, Swamy told ANI.

Our culture says you should wake up at 4 am in the morning. If you are going to have a night out, how can you wake up at 4 am he asked.

Blaming the media for twisting Sharma’s words, Swamy said that he has been right.

Westernisation has not made the society in America or Europe happy. In fact, they all are coming here to our swamy jis ashrams to learn how to be happy, he said.

Swamy further added, We should have a simpler life rather than these binges of wildness during weekends. We should modernise but we should not westernise.

Sharma sparked off a controversy by saying that girls’ wanting a night out is unacceptable in India.

He later justified himself by blaming the media for distorting his statement.