BJP asks Rahul Gandhi to introspect his accusations against PM Modi

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday hit back at Rahul Gandhi for his false accusations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said the Congress vice-president should introspect his remark as it was his grandmother Indira Gandhi and mother Sonia Gandhi who told the biggest lies to the nation.

“Rahul Gandhi needs to answer. The biggest lie that India has seen was by his grandmother Indira Gandhi when she said ‘gareebi hatao’. The second biggest lie was told by his mother Sonia Gandhi to the Congress when she said that Rahul Gandhi will become the Prime Minister of India. He should introspect about all these things,” BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh told ANI.

The Congress vice-president had yesterday fired a fresh salvo at Prime Minister Modi and urged him to ‘stop lying and start working’.

“Now, the PM is realizing that the people of India are smart and they are wise to his lies. Modi ji stop lying and start working,” Gandhi said at an election rally in Motihari.

“He promised ‘acche din’ (good days) and said that he would bring down the prices, but today the price of dal is Rs. 200/kg and Modi ji is silent,” he added.