BJP ally Shiv Sena accuses saffron party of spreading falsehood, rumours

Mumbai: In a vitriolic attack on the BJP, Shiv Sena on Monday charged that the senior ally’s politics was based on “spreading falsehood and rumours” and that from Delhi to Maharashtra it was trying to stifle the voice of those who speak the truth.

Also, in a sharp retort to a local BJP leader’s reported warning of burning copies of its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, Sena said doing such a thing would be like setting ablaze the RSS’s ideology and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s basic ideals.

“Politics has become murky. Everybody has the right to criticise, but the voices of those trying to speak the truth are being stifled right from Delhi to Maharashtra. This is an example of politics going into the head,” an editorial in ‘Saamana’ said.

Sena cadres had last week burnt effigies of BJP state spokesperson Madhav Bhandari over his article in party publication ‘Manogat’ in which he had dared Uddhav Thackeray’s outfit to walk out of the alliance.

Later, BJP Mumbai unit president Ashish Shelar, without naming Shiv Sena or its mouthpiece, reportedly said, “that his party too has democratic rights to protest against the attempts to malign the image of their leaders and BJP cadres too can resort to burning of newspaper.”
Saamana, without naming Shelar, said,”Those who are trying to challenge the Sena are in a way burning their own clothes.”

“These are people who create a bazaar of rumours and sell dreams there. It is a crime to spread rumours. But their (BJP’s) politics is based on spreading falsehood and rumours…If they talk of burning Saamana, they should remember it is like burning the idea of Hindutva and the RSS’s ideology along with PM Modi’s basic ideas,” it said.

“If such tirades against the Sena continue, the party will seek building of at least 5-10 mental hospitals in every smart city developed by Modi”, the editorial added.