BJP accuses Kejriwal of ‘looting’ Delhi in name of odd-even

Following Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s attack on the Centre alleging that they wanted the odd-even scheme to fail, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday hit back at the AAP chief, accusing him of looting the people of the national capital in the name of the traffic-control measure, through ‘extravagant, unnecessary’ advertisements.

“The Kejriwal-led government is less concerned with traffic and pollution and are more bothered about advertising themselves with the tax money of the people.

They are spending crores on advertisement which are being isplayed on the streets, radio, television, newspapers and are being flashed outside Delhi as well.

All this is tax money,” BJP leader Vijay Goel told ANI here. Asserting that his objection was solely towards the money of the people being misused by the AAP-led state government, he added that he was in favour of reducing traffic and pollution in Delhi, but not looting the people in the name of odd-even.

“This government has come to the streets without any preparation. Under the fear of the Rs 2000 fine, they are enforcing odd-even when it should be voluntary,” Goel added.

The BJP leader went ahead and dared the Chief Minister to permanently ‘implement’ the scheme if he believed that it was actually successful.

“I dare him to implement it once and for all. If odd-even is so successful, then he should have no problem doing it.

Kejriwal is putting the scheme in place every month for 15 days only for advertising purposes. A farce is being played in the name of odd even,” Goel said.

Talking about his ‘symbolic protest’ against odd-even, he said that on Monday he will pay the fine of Rs 2000 in an attempt to tell the nation that Kejriwal was ‘advertising himself’ unnecessarily through the scheme.

Earlier today, Kejriwal hit out at the BJP and the RSS, accusing them of wanting the traffic-control formula to crash and burn. “BJP appeals ppl to break odd-even.

BJP auto union calls strike. BJP wants odd-even to fail. But Del will fail BJP. In Jan too, BJP tried to fail odd-even by orchestrating officers’ strike. Ppl failed BJP n made odd-even success,” Kejriwal said in a series of tweets, However, he asserted that the people of Delhi will once again place their trust in the AAP in the next Assembly poll, causing the BJP to fail yet again.

The second phase of the scheme which began yesterday saw around 1,311 challans being issued against violators, showing there would be stricter enforcement during the 16-day Phase-II of the road-rationing measure and fairly empty roads were seen with mostly odd-numbered cars indicating high compliance.