Bizarre: Man hid in gutter to peep up skirts

Kobe: A man in Japan hid under sewer grate for five hours allegedly to snap photos up women’s skirts, police and reports said.

According to a report published in AFP, Yasuomi Hirai, 28, hid himself in a gutter, with his head under a piece of iron grating.

“His hair got caught at the edge of the grate, which drew the attention of some pedestrians,” the spokesman with the Hyogo prefectural police in Kobe told AFP.

The incident took place in the port city August but Hirai’s detain on Monday came after a lengthy investigation.

Police did not go into detail but the Sports Hochi tabloid reported Tuesday that Hirai kept himself in the small space for about five hours, holding a smart phone to take photos from under the gutter.

According to local reports, it was not the first time Hirai has been detained for the same offence. Two years ago, he was nabbed for the same purpose after squeezing himself into a gutter allegedly, Sports Hochi said.