Bizarre: Woman made to deliver standing upright; newborn falls on floor

Gujarat: In an inhuman treatment meted out to a pregnant woman at Jalota Primary Health Centre in Banaskantha district in Gujarat, the woman was made to deliver standing upright. The appalling incident occurred on Friday, March 22.

As reported by India Today, when a pregnant woman named Rami Ben Gautambhai Thakor reached the Jalota Primary Health Centre with her mother-in-law, while in labour, the nurse asked her to stand by holding the iron mesh instead of taking her to the labour room.

The baby reportedly fell on the floor as Rami Ben gave birth standing upright. The family rued that they did not get any medical assistance at the healthcare centre and further alleged that the nurse used the pregnant woman’s sari to clean her blood on the floor after the delivery.

According to sources, a number of pregnant women were made to go through a similar ordeal during their delivery, which was, however, denied by the healthcare centre management.

Dr Monica Patel of Jawlotta Health Center claimed that no such practice is carried out at the hospital.