Bizarre: Man forced his wife to have sex with over 2,700 men

In a bizarre case, a French man just to make few pounds a month allegedly coerced his wife into selling her body to over 2,700 men.

The 54-year-old in a court in Meaux revealed that he started his sordid business in 2011 and has since made almost 160,000 (£115,000) by convincing his 46-year-old wife to work as a prostitute, the Independent reports.

He listed his spouse as a prostitute on four different websites and managed “customers” by emails and text message.
According to reports, when these customers used to visit the couple’s house, up to three times a day – he allegedly took their five-year-old son and waited in the car while his wife worked.

According to the Emmanuel Dupic, the Deputy Prosecutor, claimed the wife was a victim of the “psychological power” her husband wielded over her, often forcing her to “submit herself to the sexual demands of customers, who were sometimes extremely harsh.”

The husband has been remanded in custody until his next hearing in December while the woman freed from her husband’s callous plot and has not been charged with an offence.