Bizarre display of love: Hyderabadi man slits throat at wife’s grave

Hyderabad, July 11:

Dejected by the death of wife, a 65year-old Sheik Gouri tries to end his life at his wife’s grave under Chandrayan Gutta police station limits.

According to Chandrayangutta police, Gouri’s wife died two years ago. Since then Gouri was in depression.

Depressed by his wife’s death, the man carried a knife with him and after offering Friday prayers, he went to his wife’s grave and slit his throat. He was spotted by some people who informed the police and he was rushed to hospital. The condition of the man is stable, police said.

During investigation, police found out that Gouri, a resident of Phoolbagh, lost his wife Mahaboobunisa two years ago and had been in a state of depression since then. Since he has no other problems, the bereavement is suspected to be the reason for trying to end his life, police said.