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Bizarre! 10 gallons of human urine discovered in Saudi Perfume Factory

Bizarre! 10 gallons of human urine discovered in Saudi Perfume Factory

Jeddah: A municipality team has seized a perfume manufacturing factory after discovering ten gallons of human urine on Wednesday .

The human urine is kept in several containers in a warehouse. A media reports says that the Hail municipality team has also found wood covered with perfumed oil with the intention of selling them as Oud.

The team said they were shocked to discover the items at the factory. The unknown raw material, oils and perfume bottles are taken into custody.

It is said that the factory is operated by foreign nationals. The Authorities refused to name their nationalities.

The Kingdom’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been informed immediately about the incident and the case is handed over to the Civil Defense Department to look into the matter for a possible prosecution.

Media director at the Hail Municipal office, Saad Al-Thowaini said that “Municipal officials are cooperating with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to unravel the mystery behind what the police found at the factory.”

The operator of the warehouse was fined for various violations, including the discovery of the human urine on the premises, making perfumes without a license, the presence of unknown raw materials, and other health violations.

The investigation is going on to know the purpose of urine in the factory, whether it was mixed with the perfumes and being sold in the market.

Al-Thowaini said the municipality’s teams regularly conduct inspections at restaurants, kitchens, fast food restaurants, confectionery plants and warehouses.