Birth certificate within 20 minutes after birth – Shishu Aadhaar Scheme in TS

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has decided to introduce very soon a new scheme under the title “Shishu Aadhar” which ensures the issue of birth certificates within 20 minutes after the birth and also Aadhaar Card. It has also been decided to delegate full powers to superintendents of hospitals to issue birth certificates. The offices of GHMC, Telangana IT Dept. and Aadhaar Card will be setup in the hospitals.

Authentic sources disclose that this new scheme would be implemented at Govt. Maternity hospital, Petlabruj on an experimental basis for a week. Later, this facility would be extended to Govt. Maternity Hospital, Koti, Niloufer Hospital and Osmania General Hospital. Afterwards, this scheme would be extended to all the Govt. and private hospitals in phased manner.

–Siasat News