Bird flu scare badly hit chicken business in Bengaluru

Hubli (Karnataka): The bird flu scare, which gripped the Bengaluru city, has severely dipped the sale of chicken.

Meat-sellers are in distress across the state as the sale has gone down drastically in some markets due to fear among buyers.

Talking to ANI, meat seller Aslam said, “The sale of mutton has gone up. Sale of chicken has gone down by at least 25 percent.”

A public health officer on Sunday had said that the authorities were taking all necessary steps to keep bird flu at bay.

Earlier this week, a stray incidence of Avian Influenza, with H5 Virus Strain, was confirmed in around 942 chickens at Bengaluru’s Dasarahalli, after which the infected birds were culled and disposed.

Avian influenza, commonly called bird flu, is an infectious viral disease of birds (especially wild water fowl such as ducks and geese). Wild birds can carry the virus without showing symptoms of it and transmit it to poultry through their feathers or feces.

The public is appealed to not panic and guided that chicken, meat and eggs can be consumed only after proper cooking. (ANI)