Bill Murray brings bell-bottoms craze back with ‘Bill-Bottoms’

Los Angeles: The ever-daring Bill Murray is back with yet another challenging piece of wardrobe. On some of the recent occasions, he has been spotted wearing floral printed-bell bottoms reflecting the 70’s style golf pants.

Clothing line Betabrand has collaborated with the actor to create a specialized collection named ‘Bill Bottoms’ to crowdfund for the cause of bringing back the style of bell-bottom.

The all-new Bill-bottoms are made with ultra-light 4-way stretch fabric with 95% polyester and 5% spandex making them moisture-wicking and water-resistant. The pants come along with Lucy the Caboosie print inspired by the actor’s mother.

He recently appeared at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am charity tournament wearing a pair of floral bright coloured bell bottoms which shone brightly against the winter sun.

According to the reports, the actor is very particular about his bell bottoms as he himself chooses its fabric.

He has set a precedent for those who are willing to opt for a daring wardrobe. His choice of whacky bell bottoms includes bibbed overall and cow print slacks.