Bikaner: Minors stripped naked, beaten for refusing to work in fields

Bikaner: In a bizarre incident, a group of minors were allegedly stripped naked, manhandled and paraded for refusing to working in fields.

The incident took place on March 22 in Motavta village of Bikaner’s Kolayat. They were paraded for almost 2.5 kilometres allegedly after they refused to work in the fields.

The perpetrators also video-recorded the whole incident.

One of the victims said, “While we were going towards our field, he (the neighbour) stopped us and took us to his own field. He then asked us to help him in harvesting the crop. When we refused to follow his orders, he stripped me and others naked and recorded the video.”

The father of one of the victims said: “Some locals saw the video and informed me. I asked my child about the incident. He said people in the video beat him up badly. Then I approached the police to lodge the complaint.”

Meanwhile, the police have initiated an investigation.

ANI inputs