Bihar’s Cooperative Society sells onions at Rs 35 per kilo

Patna (Bihar): Bihar’s Cooperative Society (Biscoman) Patna on Friday sold onions at Rs 35 per kg at the time when the prices of the same have soared up to Rs 70 in the state.

People thronged the state secretariat and long queues were seen outside the counters of Biscoman to buy the onions. Though the maximum limit of onion a person can get is 2kg, on showing the wedding card of a girl people can receive 25 kg of onion at the same rate.

“I am very happy that we received onions at only Rs 35 per kg whereas outside we are getting it at Rs 70 per kg. There is a long queue here but because I am physically handicapped so I was given preference and they gave me onions first,” Vinod Narayan Jha, a local told ANI.

“The price of onion is Rs 80 per kg in local markets and here we are getting it only at Rs 35. This is a great step from the government’s side. We just had to provide our phone numbers here and then we can collect the onions. Only 2 kg onion per person is allowed in order to make sure that more people get the benefit,” Krishna Prasad, another local told ANI.

“Onions at this price will save a lot of money but this step will turn into a real benefit when the government will continue to sell,” Jyoti Kumar, a housewife told ANI.

Sunil Singh, Biscoman Chairman said: “The government is buying onions from Rajasthan at Rs 60 per kg and with the help of Biscoman is selling at Rs 35 per kg here. Also, if the mayors of other states the same in their state they can also contact us and we will do the same we are doing here. This step is not by Biscoman but the state government.”

He further said that this will continue till the price of onion will drop to Rs 50 and a new batch reaches Patna. He also announced that when the price of pulses will soar to Rs 100 in the state, Biscoman will sell it at Rs 60 per kg to help the people and government here.