Bihar: State govt bans mobile phones at high-level meetings

Patna: The Bihar Government on Thursday issued orders prohibiting officials from carrying cell phones at ‘high-level’ meetings.

In an order issued by Aamir Subhani, principal secretary, general administration department, the official has directed all principal secretaries and police officials to resist from using cell phones while attending meetings.

The concerned directive underscored that no official will be allowed to carry their cell phones in the meetings chaired by the Chief Minister, department ministers, chief secretary, development commissioner and other senior officials.

The notification asserted that the decision has been taken in the wake of officials often being found busy in their mobile phones during crucial meetings, thus creating hindrance in smooth conduct of the meetings.

Earlier, in June this year, Karnataka Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy had directed all officials and government staff to not use mobile phones during his meetings in order to avoid distraction.