Bihar result is the verdict of intellectuals: Azam Khan

Rampur:SP leader Azam Khan today said that the defeat of BJP in Bihar polls was a collective verdict of the intellectuals of the state.

Khan quoted Mahatma Gandhi and said that “power acquired by wrong means would leave you defeated.”

“Ye Bihar se buddhijiviyo ka faisla hai. (This result is the verdict of the intellectuals of Bihar),” he said.

Meanwhile, Khan yesterday targetted Bollywood actor Anupam Kher for leading a march to the Rashtrapati Bhavan to counter the protests by writers, artistes and others against “rising intolerance”.

Khan claimed that Kher “created a scene by leading a march in Delhi, Kher has hurled insults upon the intellectuals. I have since long been emphasized that dancing and singing folks of silver screen have been indulging in hurling insults upon literates and authors”.

“Since screen actors avail honor and money, they can’t be placed in the category of intellectuals,” he said.

Khan advised Kher to “keep himself within limits” by involving in films roles instead of attempting to generate a new dimensions for literary figures and intellectuals, as it is this class which struggles by writing and publishing articles for the welfare of the society.

Khan said that constitutional posts are under occupation of those, who belong to one single ideology. Hence, they should be held responsible for ushering in to an era of degradation and devastation.

The UP Cabinet minister said this on the inauguration of a park here named after Azeemuddin, a general in the army of Nawab of Rampur.

“To remember Nawab’s atrocious role, I have named the park after general Azeemuddin,” he added.