Bihar Minister’s son beaten by group of people in Madhepura

Madhepura: Bihar Sugarcane Industries Minister Bima Bharti’s son Raj Kumar and her nephew Sanjay Kumar were allegedly beaten by a group of people on Sunday.

The Minister claimed that they were beaten by one Sushil Yadav’s family. Both sides have lodged FIR against each other in the case.

According to Raj Kumar, the incident took place when they were returning after dropping their friend to Sripur.

An enraged Bima Bharti said, “My son told me that they were beaten by Sushil Yadav’s family…they have beaten up with Rifle’s butt. Is he (Sushil Yadav) the only one who has seen Rifle?”

However, the other side rubbished the claims.

Sushil Yadav said, “Yesterday, it was a Chhath Pooja. A vehicle came with great speed…it seemed as if it would hit someone…it hit a child and the child fell along with the basket he was carrying.”

“The child asked why do you drive in such a manner. They became angry and beat the child…they pushed her mother too. A scuffle broke out…we were not there then. This is it and they are making a big fuss about it (til ka tad bana rahe hain),” he said.