Bihar Maths professor can’t solve grade 9 sum, another spells “Trangal”

Patna: Bihar remains in headlines for all the wrong reasons when it comes to the education in the state. Sometimes, it is the state’s toppers who could not answer the basic questions. In other instances, it is mass cheating.

One of the renowned in Bihar, Magadh University had advertised for the post of professor in the department of mathematics but decided to first interview their three associate professors. They were invited on Saturday to demonstrate their skills and knowledge before a selection committee. However, the results were hilarious yet terrible.

Out of those three, could not even solve 9th-grade sum. While another professor spelt “triangle” as “trangal”. The third candidate somehow produced some satisfactory answers. The interactions have been recorded and sealed and will be presented at a meeting of the syndicate, reports NDTV.

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The Magadh University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Qamar Ahasan, refused to comment and evasively said it “would come up before the people concerned”. When pressed, he said he was not aware of the episode.

It was this university where a political science teacher wrote “condolence” instead of writing “condone” while asking the University for a break in service, while a male lecturer from a college in Aurangabad requested “maternity leave”.

Last year, fake topper Ruby Rai – caught in a TV sting operation saying that she learnt cooking in political science – was among 20 students, teachers and others arrested for a cash-for-marks scandal.