Bihar: Magadh Mahila College bans jeans, use of cellphone in class

Patna: Bihar’s oldest women college in Patna – Magadh Mahila College has introduced a new ban on jeans and other dresses on campus.

Shashi Sharma, Principal of Magadh Mahila College in Bihar on Wednesday has introduced a dress code, she explains that the ‘dresses worn by Hindu girls are an embarrassment’ to the college along with banning the use of mobiles inside the classrooms imposing a Rs 1000 fine on offenders.

Speaking to ANI, the principal justified the ban saying the dress code shall be introduced from January 2018 reports DNA.

Laila Qazmi, General Secretary of Magadh Mahila College said that the imposed “Ban on jeans is an old rule. Phones in classrooms were always prohibited. Girls never objected to dress code, in fact they requested for it in first place. Uniformity will remove differences among girls. Phones can be used in mobile free zones.”