Bihar elections: Mahagathbandhan has defeated ‘Maha-thag-bandhan’, says Congress

Mumbai, Nov. 8 : Celebrating the lead by the Grand Alliance according to the early trends in the countdown to the Bihar Assembly election results, the Congress on Sunday said the lead indicated that BJP’s ‘communal’ politics has been rejected and the people have voted for ‘inclusive development and social justice’.

“The BJP and their alliances were doing destruction in the name of development. They were trying to play communal politics but have received a strong retort by the people of Bihar. People here are aware of the sense of fear that has gripped the nation and are aware of what has happened in Dadri and Faridabad,” Congress leader Sanjay Jha told ANI.

He asserted that this ‘significant result’ should warn the government that they can’t afford to function like a ‘dictatorship’ in this nation.

“We have seen that while polls were happening in Bihar, the BJP and the NDA has been trying to polarise the country only for an electoral advantage but Bihar has chosen to reject communal politics and vote for inclusive development and social justice,” Jha said.

Adding that the verdict showed ‘extraordinary significance’, the Congress leader exuded confidence saying that the Mahagathbandhan’s numbers will show a larger lead in the end and that this was a major loss for both the Prime Minister and the BJP.

“This is an absolutely profound verdict considering the Prime Minister made 35 rallies instead of governing the county, clearing indicating the ‘Modi wave’ is long over. People are tired of ‘jumlabaazi and bayaanbaazi’, they want ‘kaamkaazi’. They want result and work instead of spinning yarns,” Jha added.

Meanwhile, putting up a brave face, the BJP branded the comeback by the Grand Alliance as ‘interesting’ and said they were ready to accept whatever was the mandate by Bihar.

“According to the leads now, it looks like the JD (U) has made a great comeback. We will have to accept whatever is the mandate of the people. Bihar polls are very significant for us and we have fought it with everything we got,” BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav told ANI.

When asked if the BJP was already accepting defeat, Madhav was quick in saying that he could not talk about ‘losing’ based on ‘trends’ alone.

“Whoever loses in the end will have to accept the decision and that’s that,” he added.

According to the Election Commission data, after five rounds of counting, the Mahagathbandan is leading in 135 seats, NDA in 90, and others in seven seats.

Earlier, however, the BJP-led alliances had taken the lead in the trends and celebrations had already begun in the BJP offices in Patna.

Amidst tight security arrangements counting of votes for the five-phased Bihar Assembly election is underway. (ANI)